Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

                Beaufort, South Carolina



The Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park has been an integral part of Beaufort since its construction almost 25 years ago.  The seven-acre park lies between the Beaufort River and the downtown Beaufort businesses fronting Bay Street providing a connection to the previously ignored riverfront. It hosts a variety of community activities-from the Gullah Festival to the Water Festival- as well as provides passive recreational opportunities year round.

Here you can find swings that allow you to see all the bay’s splendor and sit with trees overhead and a cool river breeze.  The park’s marina attracts many varieties of boats and is home to many.  A long shelter plays host to a Saturday morning farmers market, artists, and other vendors.  The main stage and amphitheater is home to many festivals and concerts with seating on a large grassy area as well as steps and walls.  Many couples have married in the parks central pavilion.  Often you can see young and old, playing a Frisbee game on the grass.  The history of Beaufort and the surrounding region is displayed on historical monuments.  Children enjoy the playground as parents enjoy views of the park and the river.  The Waterfront Park is beautifully landscaped with colorful vegetation and small ornamental trees.

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