Brays Island Plantation - Fitness

                Beaufort County, South Carolina




The Brays Island Plantation Fitness Center is located across from the Inn and tennis facility.  The site design includes parking, connect walks, and a swing by the entry.  The brick curbs and walks maintain the character of the existing Barony House.

The purpose of Brays Island Plantation is to forever preserve 5200 acres of South Carolina’s lowcountry plantation heritage by setting aside a historically significant tract which passed through several important plantation families.  The master plan calls for 325 owners each with private ownership of a one acre home site and common ownership in the remaining 5200 acre plantation.  The other 5200 acres will be restricted to future development with the exception of common amenities and the requirements of the staff.  Amenities include the Barony house or Inn, Equestrian Area, Gun Club, Golf Course and Club House, and Boating Facility.


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