Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center

                Pine Mountain, Georgia



When the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center opened in 1988 it was the only butterfly conservatory in the United States.  Conceived by Mrs. Dean Day Smith, a patron of Callaway Gardens, the conservatory's purpose was to educated visitors about the delicate balance between the plant and animal kingdoms.  The butterfly center encompasses 4.4 acres with 8,000 square feet enclosed in glass.  Additional space houses a theater, educational demonstrations, and common areas.  The conservatory's design meets the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines to ensure that no exotic butterfly could escape.  The interior of the conservatory has an elevation change of nine feet enabling visitors to view butterflies at varying heights.  Tropical plants grow amidst cascading waterfalls and quiet pools providing habitat for over 50 different species of butterflies.  Out side of the conservatory, walks curved to resemble butterfly wings meander through gardens design to attract butterflies indigenous to the surrounding region.

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