Callaway Gardens John A. Sibley Center

                Pine Mountain, Georgia



Callaway Gardens, located about one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia, is comprised of 14,000 acres with the majority of the land designated as “The Preserve at Callaway”.  The preserve will remain in its natural state providing for ecological education and study programs.

Callaway Gardens is internationally know for the 2,500 acres of gardens which make up the resort.  Included in original master plan are hotels, villa/cottage rentals, conference centers, golf courses, bike trails, horticulture facilities, natural exhibits, educational facilities, a butterfly display greenhouse, and more.

The master plan update creates a new entrance to the gardens, new circulation throughout the site, the Discovery Center, and locations of future facilities.

The John A. Sibley Horticulture Center, dedicated in 1984, is designed around the principles of passive solar heating and has perfect sun exposure.  Cor-Ten steel provides the structure with glass block infill for exterior walls and a fabric roof which holds in the solar heat while giving the appearance of open sky and clouds.  The northern side is bermed to deflect northern winds while the southern side is open with 24’ high glass doors that can be closed on the coldest nights.  Radiant heaters are used on the coldest days and fans in the hottest months.  The interior garden is a mix of unique plant materials while the exterior garden uses traditional southern plant species.  The glass doors and meandering walks create a seamless connection between the interior and exterior gardens.  A 20’ high waterfall creates a focal point and adds the pleasing sounds of water to the greenhouse.


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