Congaree Vista

                Columbia, South Carolina







This master plan for Congaree Vista will provide a workable and realistic framework for redevelopment and is based on a land planning concept of corridors.  Utilization of the corridor concept allows land owners and occupants to remain comfortably in their present location until rising land values or other incentives make adapting to the plan economically desirable.  Should an obstacle such as a building with an incompatible use be encountered, development can "jump" or "sidestep" the obstacle.  Therefore, desired development will not be stymied by a single impediment or bring hardship to existing owners.  In addition, land uses within corridors will not have to be "pure" since related compatible uses are welcome.

The corridors proposed for redevelopment correspond to four principal forces: Government, University- USC, Antiques/Arts/Retail, and Residential.

The four forces listed above will be organized around and linked together by an open space system of parks and a network of beautified boulevards and neighborhoods streets.  This open space quality plus the cultural and recreational opportunities, balanced with occupational opportunities, constitute a fifth force and catalyst giving Congaree Vista opportunities other neighborhoods and cities cannot possibly realize.