Finlay Park

                Columbia, South Carolina



Finlay Park, located on Assembly Street across from the Governor’s Mansion in Columbia, SC, transformed a burrow pit into a highly successful attraction in the heart of the city.  The design for Finlay Park creates the “Little Congaree” with a 40 foot high water wall, rock slide rapids, and streams all flowing into the three acre lake on the floor of the park effectively turning the existing 80’ drop in elevation into an opportunity.  Along the stream is an outdoor restaurant, swings, benches, and trails.  Open lawns and a playground attract children.  An amphitheater seating 2000 people is worked into the hillside with a series of descending terraces and lawns.  The amphitheater is home to many concert, plays, and other events each year.  The parks many features are molded together with plantings of trees, shrubs, and our state flower the Carolina Jessamine. 

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