Hopeland Gardens

                Aiken, South Carolina




The initial development of Hopeland Gardens from a fourteen acre private estate to a public garden began in 1970 when Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin bequeathed to the City of Aiken her estate.  In 1982 the donation of the adjacent ten acre estate, Rye Patch, to the city by Mrs. Dorothy K. G. Rogers enhanced the value, usage and experience of the gardens.  Rye Patch offered opportunity to expand programs and facilities that have greatly increased the popularity of the gardens.  Since that beginning, the uniqueness of Hopeland Gardens and Rye Patch has been realized by its many visitors.  Both local citizens and out-of-town visitors have enjoyed the gardens as a peaceful retreat as well as host to artists, a concert series, wedding parties and community organizations.


The Master Plan and Master Plan Update were developed through a series of meetings and design sessions with the City of Aiken, Friends of Hopelands, community leaders and citizens, and the city council.  The input from these meetings and from on-site visits provided the basis for plans which wholly integrate Hopeland Gardens and Rye Patch into a unified garden. 


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