Palmetto Islands County Park

                Charleston, South Carolina




The park is designed on and around 140 acres of tidal wetlands, marsh, sand barrens, and 16 spotted islands, some as small as three-tenths acre and the largest being 26 acres.  Approximately 70 acres have thus far been opened to the public.  Pedal boating on a two acre man-made lake is highly popular, especially among younger visitors.  It will certainly be rivaled by the mile long salt water creek canoe trail that winds its serpentine way through a typical Low Country salt marsh.  Additionally, there are several miles of hiking and biking trails, with bicycles available for rent at several locations in the park.  Open-air and sheltered picnic facilities with sturdy picnic tables are spotted at various places among giant live oaks, pines, and palmetto trees.  Individual and group facilities for picnicking feature one shelter large enough to accommodate 150 people.  The two-level park center, overlooking the lake, has a snack bar, screened deck, and outdoor deck for relaxation.  A six-acre open meadow has been cleared and set aside as an area for unstructured play and games, and is popular for frisbee, touch football, soccer and similar pursuits.  Two fishing docks are open and anglers will be able to test their skills in some of the Low Country's most productive trout and bass waters.  For those who wish to observe the interactions of flora and fauna within salt marsh, raised boardwalks have been built across certain marsh areas.


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