Simmons Company

Gwinnett County, Georgia



Simmons Company’s Jones Bridge Headquarters is located on a 70 acre site adjacent to the Chattahoochee River in the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.  The building is oriented on an east-west axis nested below the crest of a hill facing the river.  The northern side is placed at the deciduous tree line allowing indirect lighting and ambient heating in the winter.  The southern side is sheltered by conifers reducing the amount of air conditioning needed in the summer.  The auger-cast foundation piles and raised steel trusses reduce site impact and allow drainage, percolation, and root systems to remain undisturbed.  Minimizing visual impact, a one way road leads up to the building.  Individual parking spaces are slipped in among deciduous trees reducing the negative impact on the watershed.  The site sensitive design of the Jones Bridge Headquarters creates an efficient and tranquil work environment that emphasizes maximum respect and appreciation for the environment.

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