Southern Progress Corporation

                Birmingham, Alabama




Southern Progress Corporation publishes many books under the title of the Oxmoor House, but they are best known for publishing Southern Living Magazine, Southern Accents, Coastal Living and many more magazines.

Southern Progress Corporation has over a span of thirty years created a corporate campus with the preservation of the existing environment as its major theme.  Building One completed in 1989 is a 325 long bar five stories tall bridging a forty foot deep ravine through which a meandering stream passes.  Existing trees saved to within a few feet of the building create a landscape that changes as seen from the glass walls of the building.  Glass walls, native plantings, and native sandstone further the connection of the building to the site.  Parking for Building One integrates the structure and the site in a series of overlapping parking decks stepping down the slope of the site.  Each level is accessed at grade and has a space between the covered and opens parts to bring in daylight.  The space is planted to further reduce the impact of the parking on the site.  Building Two was complete in 1995.  Building Two is triangular in shape with its long wall overlooking a new lagoon used to hold and clean water from the site.  Building Two is connected to the original building by a three story atrium garden.  The atrium has employee dining including open air seating next to a landscaped pool and waterfall.  Building Three (under construction, 2004) is located on axis with Building One and continues in the theme of environmental sensitivity.  A water garden featuring a 15 waterfall is planned for the space between the buildings (formerly the service area).  This garden is designed as a retreat and for views from the upper stories of the buildings.  This garden is connected to the rest of the site by a stream which meanders through the site into a series of connected ponds.  Patios and terraces allow for interaction with nature throughout the site.  The parking garage (under construction, 2004) was designed for minimal impact on the site as aesthetics.  The construction methods to be used save existing trees which screen the garage from the site and the road.  The garage is connected to Building Three by an elevated walk which connects to the axis running through Buildings One and Three.    Building Four and additional parking are in the planning stage.


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